We are a multidisciplinary team of scientists that teach and do research on HPC and related areas at METU.

Our research interests span not only the applications but also the core of HPC, such as Computational Fluid Dynamics, Physics, Chemistry and Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning as well as Parallel Numerical Algorithms, programming environments and tools.

Group Members

Özgür Uğraş Baran (Mechanical Eng.)
Özcan Dülger (Computer Eng.)
Mehmet Karaca (Aerospace Eng.)
Pınar Karagöz (Comp. Eng.)

Harun Koku (Chemical Eng.)
Murat Manguoğlu (Comp. Eng.)
Antoine Marion (Chemistry)
Aras Saygın (Mechanical Eng.)

Saeideh Nazirzadeh (Engineering Sciences)

Nilay Sezer Uzol (Aerospace Eng.)
Cevat Şener (Comp. Eng.)
Hande Toffoli (Physics)
Sinan Kaan Yerli (Physics)
Erol Yıldırım (Chemistry)


ODTÜ has a long history in parallel computing going back as early as 1994 when its computer center hosted an IBM SP2/8 system which was ranked 376th in Top-500 list. Back then, as it was mostly the case anywhere else, science and engineering problems were the main focus.

Efforts to provide the university with a central HPC unit continued with the installation of a cluster called Nar in 2007. Hosted by the Department of Computer Engineering this InfiniBand-based system served the campus for about ten years. In the same period, the TR-03-METU cluster was also operational at the university within the scope of the national TR-Grid infrastructure. Nar was connected to this Grid infrastructure, too.

Currently, with the advent of multi- and many-core architectures, researchers at ODTÜ have experience on applications that are more widespread than in the past, including the emerging fields of big data, machine learning and deep learning.

ULAKBİM-ODTÜ Agreement (2019)


EuroCC Phase (2020 - 2022)


Future of HPC @ ODTÜ